Brad Fitzpatrick (bradfitz) wrote in lj_ru_support,
Brad Fitzpatrick

List of questions/concerns.... start of a FAQ...

I'm starting to work on a list of questions/concerns (and later answers) in both English and Russian, side-by-side. For now I only have a list of English questions/concerns.

These are the ones I keep hearing the most often, but please add to this list in the comments if I forgot something, or you have another question/concern.

Also, please don't try and guess the answers yet based on the questions. The answers might surprise you (in a good way I hope!), and I don't want any more fear spread in the LJ community until everybody has better information.

Deal Overview: what's in it for whom, and why?

What is SUP, or what will it be? What does SUP add?

Why should we trust SUP?

US law vs. Russian Law, LJ TOS, etc.

Abuse Team: who running it, which TOS?

Anton's a Jew!

Anton's an asshole! Anton's unprofessional!

Anton will read my private entries!

Mummat's a criminal!

We don't know this Andrew Paulson guy.

KGB will get access to all the data! The government will read my private entries!

Can I opt-out? Or is it opt-in? Which, why?

What are the heuristics for which accounts SUP could manage?

You can't legally sell users... Are you selling me?

So if I live in _______ or write in ______, SUP "owns" me?

This is racial profiling!

LJ was the last independent media in Russia... no more?

One code base or two?

Will SUP remain open source, like LJ?

Will code be shared between SUP and LJ?

This will affect political discussion on LJ!

If I get managed by SUP, will my blog URL change?

What happens to my friends on "the other LJ"? (nothing.... it's one LJ!)

What happens to my account level? (Free/Basic, Plus, Paid....)

But I'm Ukrainian, not Russian, and you keep assuming I'm Russian!
Please add to this list.
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