Brad Fitzpatrick (bradfitz) wrote in lj_ru_support,
Brad Fitzpatrick

SUP confusion, apologies...

(posting this in English for now.... I'll find a neutral party to translate it into Russian as soon as possible.)

I just wanted to apologize about the confusion regarding SUP and LJ. In my opinion, the press conference about SUP was pretty useless as far as you guys, the users, were concerned. I was hoping all the questions would be answered and fears would be eliminated, but instead the press conference seemed to just create more questions, and more fears.

Want I want to do over the next few weeks is answer all of the Russian community's questions and fears. I've heard a bunch of them in person when I was in Moscow, and via email, and via word-of-mouth. I'll work on getting answers to all of them.

Rest assured that the only thing happening anytime soon is that we'll be serving static files (css, javascript, userpics) from Moscow if you're closer to Moscow than San Francisco. No user data, no users, no password, NOTHING PRIVATE, is being given to SUP to do this.... we're just taking public data (userpics and static files) and putting it about 30 milliseconds away from you, instead of 260 milliseconds. Which means a page with a few dozen resources will load many seconds faster for you. (when I was using LJ from Moscow, it was so much slower than from the US .... this will make it so much better)

Also, note that if you start to see URLs for userpics and js/css from "" or "", etc, that does NOT mean you've been "moved" anywhere.... all users will see those URLs if you're closer to Moscow than San Francisco. That is, if an American user travels to Moscow, like I did, I'll get all my userpics from Moscow instead of San Francisco. This is just something SUP's doing for us to make LiveJournal faster in Russia/etc. It's no different from us using Akamai, for instance, but it's a lot cheaper.

Please have patience with me, Six Apart, and SUP while I work on getting you guys real information. I feel confident that everybody involved in this deal has the best of intentions, the same fears as you guys, and all the new stuff will only be a good thing for Russian users ....

More later.
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